Workshop 1 – Robotics 

The 3 workshop Robotics sessions are designed to give you an introduction to the three main aspects of robotics/automation. Robotics is a multi-disciplinary subject with roots in mechanics, electronics and computer science. We will assemble a robot (Mechanical Engineering) discover the electronic components and how to put together components to build a circuit (Electrical Engineering) and modify some basic code to program the wireless robot (Programming) we will build. This fun and engaging workshop will be a hands-on exploration of the fascinating future of robotics and automation.

Workshop 2 – Agile

Agile ways of working are the ways of the future.  This workshop will take you through an exercise using experiences in your daily life and team collaboration to help explore agile development planning and the methods used in backlog grooming. These are the same skills that are needed to do work in an Agile way in the workforce.

Workshop 3  – Career Paths – “An Introductory Insight into Technology Career Options for Women”

An introductory insight into Career Options in the Technology World, we will keep in context both today’s world and the tentative outlook on a tomorrow’s world. Touch upon the advantages that are emerging for Women to choose the Tech career paths with higher confidence, Prepare for the challenges that likely cross paths and Ques to turn those challenges around into opportunities. We will also have an interactive activity to discover some of the paths.

Workshop 4 – Kanban – Efficiency building a tower

Kanban is another method of working that using the Agile framework.  This is an exercise to build a tower using toothpicks, playdoh and more.  Which way of working will be the most efficient and why?

Workshop 5 – Elevating your Career Search in STEM with KNOWLEDGE

How goes The Job Market – STEM related focus, How to Write a Resume – Tips and Tricks to writing a Stand Out Resume, How to Find a Job – Tips and Tricks to conducting a highly effective Job Search,  How to Ace an Interview – Tips and Tricks for a successful Interview Experience

Workshop 6– Hands on Biology – The Future of Bio

Molecular biology is an exciting field that includes biotech, biomedical engineering and gene editing. In this workshop, students will learn about biotech and will use micropipettes, load samples onto agarose gels for ectrophoresis (which is the motion of dispersed particles relative to a fluid under the influence of a spatially uniform electric field), and will extract DNA.



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